Main products: PTFF ball-valve seats, bowl-type ball seats, gaskets, washers, O-rings, wear-resistant plates, bushings etc. and other custom parts.

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ZHENG JIE ENTERPRISES LTD., founded in 1994, is a specialized maker of PTFE products, washers, gaskets, graphite and other parts, using only imported raw materials from Europe and the US, including PTFE, PEEK, DELRIN, PTFE, high temperature graphite.Applications:1.PTFE gaskets for hydro-pneumatic machinery, cars and motorcycles, mechanical seals, etc.2.PTFE seals for pumps, valves, water meters, pipes, water purifiers, plumbing hardware and other products.3.PTFE and assorted engineering plastic seal components- semiconductor manufacturing supplies and custom parts.Our products are widely appli ...

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